Living up to the hype

January 15, 2018

Reality check for Smartglasses

Anyone following this year's announcements at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, will have noticed the event was overflowing with smartglasses. There were new products from well-known companies like Vuzix, Epson and Samsung and a whole load of new entries such as Th...
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Dave Lee, the BBC's North America technology reporter pronounced 3DTV as finally dead this week. This followed reports from LG and Sony who have stopped making 3D TVs hot on the heels of Samsung who made the move last year. What's interesting about the report is the analysi...
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What do you do on Fridays?

January 23, 2017
Here at The Imagination Factory we have always believed that creative people don't switch that part of their brains on and off, when they are in and out of a formal work environment. Many of our team's best ideas come to them at moments walking down the street or chatting ...
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