Cradle to Cradle


Are you sitting comfortably?

December 1, 2019

Biological and Technical

Like many people today the team at The Imagination Factory is sitting comfortably on Herman Miller Aeron chairs, as they work on a number of different design projects. The Aeron chair is recognised for its ergonomic design and sleek styling but what is not so well known is ...
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By Brendon Rowen, C2C Design

In this article we hand over the keyboard to our good friends at Cradle to Cradle Marketplace who have become a vital partner in our quest to embed cradle to cradle principles in our work as designers. Brendon Rowen shares his thoughts with us about how to make the circular ...
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As designers we are painfully aware of the impact our work can have on the environment and have been wrestling with the issue for a number of years. We know that the majority of the environmental impact of a product is determined during the connecting phase. For a long time ...
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