In the spotlight at Innovate 2017

Innovation Showcase

Innovate UK's flagship event, Innovate 2017, highlights The Imagination Factory as 'one to watch'.  

Following the launch of our SwimAR project at last year's show, the response to SwimAR, from interested visitor, enabled spin off projects like this heads-up display for a real-life Iron Man and the development of the first SwimAR prototype for testing in a pool. 
Surpassing our wildest expectations, Innovate 2016 was the perfect environment to share our idea, standing alongside some of the country’s most forward-thinking businesses and investors looking to meet the people behind the ideas. You can watch Mark pitching his socks off at Innovate 2016 below.

Ones to watch.

This year The Imagination Factory has been selected once again, from nearly 100 companies attending Innovate 2017 and named the ‘ones to watch’ at the show, with it's SwimAR.   

SwimAR is the world's first heads-up display for swimmers. It can be mounted to goggles and give swimmers access to live data on their performance ranging from pace, laps swum and distance covered.  You can find out more here and sign up for news as we work towards launching SwimAR. 
Julian Swan and Mark Hester (co-founders of The Imagination Factory) will be attending Innovate UK’s flagship event, Innovate 2017 in Birmingham, 8-9 November and would love to meet up with you if you are interested in knowing more about SwimAR or have a particular interest in another of the design engineering studio's projects. 
"The Innovate2016 show was the perfect event for us to launch SwimAR," said Julian. "We had interest from swimmers, technology experts, potential investors and many others. We have worked closely with swimmers, triathletes and coaches to develop SwimAR and we are looking forward to sharing our progress with visitors to Innovate 2017." 
"We started The Imagination Factory a few years ago with a vision to establish a product design engineering studio that would be able to work on a diverse range of exciting projects," said Mark. "We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes when we think about how it's grown in that time. We now have a number of large and small clients and still manage to make time to work on a pool of internally generated ideas like SwimAR."

You can find out more about SwimAR here. Please contact us if you want to know more about any of our projects. 


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