10 Tips for Having Great Ideas - #9 Let go...

Someone recently asked us how the design team at The Imagination Factory approaches repeatable idea generation in the projects we work on. It made us stop and think and we ended up with a list of 10 top tips for having great ideas which we thought might be useful to share.
One of the strangest things about our brains is how much work they do in the sub-conscious. When you are least aware of it your brain will be forming relationships between the myriad of facts that have been gathered during the day.

Many of us will have had the experience of getting completely stuck on a problem and going away to do something else only to discover that the best idea we could ever imagine having pops into our minds!

The story of Jorge Odon's invention is a perfect example of the power of the sub-conscious. Jorge had a dream after watching a YouTube video about removing a broken cork from a bottle using an inflated bag. His dream gave him the idea of using the same principle to assist in complicated births. The World Health Organisation has endorsed his device based on that simple idea.

Image Credit: diduknowthat.org

Unfortunately, the deadlines we work to don't usually allow the time to let go like this. But next time you aren't rushed for new ideas trust the natural process of gathering knowledge and then letting your sub-conscious do the hard work. Oh, and keep a notebook beside your bed!


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