Top Picks from CES 2016

image from thesource.com
image from thesource.com

We watched the coverage of the International Consumer Electronics Show this year with interest. There have been so many predictions about the trends in technology and consumer behaviour we were curious to see how this would play out in the products that were on display.
Image: Digilens
Image: Digilens

DigiLens MotoHUD

Virtual and Augmented Reality is high on the list of trends for technology that will come of age in 2016 and this was well illustrated by a Heads Up Display for motorcyclists from a company called DigiLens.
The MotoHud is attached to the rider's helmet using strong magnets and positioned in front of the eye to provide real-time information about the surroundings and functions of the motorbike. The display uses holographic waveguide optics to create the impression of depth in the display despite it being incredibly thin.

DigiLens has a nice competition running on their website where you can design your own heads up display layout with the chance of winning some great prizes.
Image: FITGuard
Image: FITGuard


We like to keep a close eye on new sports products and FITGuard really caught our attention because of its potential to provide an early warning of the risk of head injuries in contact sports.
FITGuard is a mouthguard with a built-in impact sensor and Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone App.
LEDs within the mouthguard give a visual indication of the severity of a contact and the App can be set up to provide rich data for coaches, parents and anyone else who is involved in safeguarding the individual.
Image: Carbon.ai
Image: Carbon.ai


There isn't much we don't like about KATIA. For starters the name stands for "Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm" and we are suckers for a decent TLA (three letter acronym)!
Then there's the fact that it is a modular design - use it as a 3D printer, a scanner, a webcam and so on just by swapping over hackable modules that connect to the end of the arm.
And finally, it's been developed on an open platform so you can interact with it and put it to work for you using whatever software tools you already use.
We're looking forward to putting together a 3D scanner and printer that makes our designs and then pours us a drink while we are waiting...


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