Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are no longer in the realm of science fiction. With big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta and Apple joining in, the technology is no longer just for gamers. VR/AR hardware design is being used for everything from property sales to corporate training, moving beyond the world of entertainment and firmly into the world of business. The world is changing fast and in this evolving landscape, the ability to respond to issues in real-time can be crucial.

Some of the most significant opportunities to employ this new technology are within the industrial design and manufacturing sector, enhancing the possibilities for innovative design concepts and paving the way for new disruptive technologies.

Each team holds over 20 years of experience in industrial design, creative engineering, technology integration and all are fully trained as LUMA human-centred designers. Proud bearers of our B Corporation certification and designers of the Resource Conscious Design model, we provide forward-thinking strategies for planet-conscious businesses around the globe.Some examples of our work within the VR & AR sector include:

Assisting human flight. The Imagination Factory collaborated with Gravity Industries on the design and development of this integrated heads-up display (HUD) with the purpose of enabling Richard Browning to fully realise his dream to reimagine human flight.

By using the latest in Smart Glass technology, we incorporated a heads-up display within a weightless helmet ready for Richard Browning’s flights over open water. Richard was able to fly with confidence and at speed, with a clear picture of fuel tank reserves, and even managed to set a new Guinness World Record!

SwimAR - a waterproof heads-up display for swimmers. Designed and developed by The Imagination Factory, it consists of a holographic heads-up display (HUD) for long distance swimmers which can be attached to either side of a regular pair of goggles. The device has been adapted for a variety of environments and also has a GPS to aid with way-finding for when the user is in open water. 

SwimAR provides real time coaching prompts as well as lap and time tracking and post-training performance analysis via the connected app. The design used a combination of Human-Centred Design research, concept development, ergonomic user testing, holographic AR integration as well as the development and integration of the app.

Design and development of a fully immersive diving experience. Through a combination of materials, form and motion, this immersive diving experience allows the player to take control of the experience in a natural way. An ergonomic housing is secured with a self-balancing mechanism to move with the main body.

The final system is a beautiful, glossy white fibreglass moulding, trimmed with high-quality black leather, integrating physical movement with the VR headset, to bring the experience alive. a beautifully engineered and upholstered platform, integrating VR headset, self-balancing mechanisms and motion controllers. 

We teamed up with Emteq Labs to create these responsive AR glasses, to improve mobility for people living with Parkinsons. The team at The Imagination Factory used a combination of human-centred design research, technology scouting, AR insights, design & engineering and user testing & evaluations.

With the introduction of a technology in smartglasses, it was possible to detect the onset of freezing of gait in people living with Parkinson’s. In response to the detection of a specific change in movement, lines projected as a holographic image, stimulated the brain to keep the legs moving forward. 


We provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within the worlds of industrial design and design engineering. Our teams partner with yours to demystify the front end of innovation for joined-up strategy, smoother development and faster delivery.

If you would like to talk to us about a design or engineering problem that needs solving, a solution that needs a strategy or an idea that needs turning into a reality, drop us a line.


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