Live feedback underwater

SwimAR is a holographic heads up display for swimmers that attaches to a regular pair of goggles.

We designed a rugged, waterproof heads-up display (HUD) module that projects a holographic display in the line of sight, for swimmers, in training and covering long distances.

Designed and developed by The Imagination Factory, SwimAR is a smartglass device that has been adapted for a number of environments and in this case, includes GPS for way-finding in open water and feeds data to an app for post training analysis. 

“The integration of holographic displays into smartglasses for use underwater, has come a long way since we started in 2016. Here, we’ve integrated the latest technology so swimmers can see their data or map, clearly floating ahead of them. It’s the equivalent of looking at a 60-inch display with no interference in the field of view. It’s very clear, bright and natural. There’s nothing else like it.” 

Mark Hester 
Co-founder and Technology Director 
The Imagination Factory

Our involvement

• Human-Centred Design research
• Concept development
• Ergonomic user testing
• Prototype construction + pool testing
• Electronics design
• Holographic AR integration
• App development + integration
• Design for manufacturing
• Production liaison

Work with us

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