An immersive diving experience

Design and development of a fully immersive deep-sea diving experience. 

A beautifully engineered and upholstered platform, integrating VR headset, self-balancing mechanisms and motion controllers. Through a combination of materials, form and motion, this immersive diving experience allows the player to take control of the experience in a natural way. 

An ergonomic housing (designed for HTC Vive controllers) is secured with a self-balancing mechanism to move with the main body. The final system is a beautiful, glossy white fibreglass moulding, trimmed with high-quality black leather, integrating physical movement with the VR headset, to bring the experience alive. 

"Tasked with the challenge of designing and building a bespoke motion simulation platform, The Imagination Factory was pivotal in making this a success. From their initial concept sketches through various rounds of design iteration, to creating something that was both functional and beautiful."

Stuart Cupit
Co-founder, CTO 
Solarflare Studio

Our involvement

  • Concept development and platform build
  • POP rig construction with multi-axis controller
  • Motion control development and integration 
  • Leather upholstery, custom glass fibre body
  • Human-Centred Design research
  • Immersive diving experience user testing and evaluations
  • VR platform integration 
  • Ergonomics
  • Work with us

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