The Imagination Factory’s work in the sporting industry spans the integration of leading edge technology within apparel through to re-engineering innovative equipment, for the likes of Adidas and the Paralympic TeamGB across ten years.

Augmented reality integrating with sports

Our pan-European work with recyclers and materials specialists, combined with our design and engineering insights, enable us to provide forward-thinking strategies for planet-conscious businesses, which is why we are proud bearers of our B Corporation certification.

With a growing number of businesses designing in line with a consumer's ‘right to repair’, we are seeing more thoughtfully designed products emerge within the sporting industry, designed with end of life in mind. Businesses prioritising the use of sustainably-sourced materials and plastics suitable for recycling can expect to hold a competitive edge; beautifully engineered sports equipment guarantees an increased life-span of machines and timeless designs, will reduce the risk of broken or outdated equipment becoming landfill before it’s time.

Where does The Imagination Factory fit in?

For our partners within the sporting industry, we provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within design and engineering.  Our team will partner with yours to demystify and de-risk the process, enabling a smoother development and faster delivery. Some of our past work has includes:

Live data for training underwater - We integrated a holographic heads-up display into a clip-on device for swimmers to wear over goggles with SwimAR. Designed to fit any regular pair of goggles, so you can see your laps, split times and distance at a glance, paired with an app for post-workout analysis. GPS 2.0 enables mapping for open water swimming.

The integration of holographic displays into smartglasses for use underwater, has come a long way since we started in 2016. Here, we’ve integrated the latest technology so swimmers can see their data or map, clearly floating ahead of them. It’s the equivalent of looking at a 60-inch display with no interference in the field of view. It’s very clear, bright and natural. There’s nothing else like it.

Integrating data to improve running gait - we designed and built a prototype for a wearable product called Tune, which detects the user's foot strike in a shoe as they exercise. With the post-workout data, runners would be equipped with bespoke information about adjustments they could make in their running style to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

As a runner, when you have an optimised ‘stride and strike’ you run more efficiently with better transfer of power. This results in more speed over longer distances with fewer injuries. The design challenge included balancing a desire for a convenient and easy-to-use product with the harsh environments experienced by running shoes.

Using the next generation of sensor technology - we worked with Adidas using multiple sensors wired in layers of it's new boots to provide customers an interactive experience. In Adidas stores across the world, as the Nemeziz boot was launched, customers experienced how the boot responds to physical changes, whilst also experiencing visually, on-screen, how the boot would respond to movement.

Creating this interactive boot was a superb opportunity to work closely with a great team of developers, to deliver a real-time experience for consumers. Like any first of a kind installation, we weren’t certain at the outset how to do what we wanted, but together we delivered the surprise and delight Adidas wanted for consumers. 

Pen to paper

Projects in the pipeline. We are currently working on two gym equipment projects, including the design for manufacture of an exciting innovation in home workout equipment, for a commercial gym seeking a durable product to offer its customers post pandemic, supporting membership retention.

Our engineering teaming is working on on an innovative rowing machine installed in multiple gyms nationwide and we'll reveal all when our clients are able to go public.


We provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within the worlds of industrial design and design engineering. Our teams partner with yours to demystify the front end of innovation for joined-up strategy, smoother development and faster delivery.

If you would like to talk to us about a design or engineering problem that needs solving, a solution that needs a strategy or an idea that needs turning into a reality, drop us a line.


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