Integrating data to improve performance

Kinematix, a Portuguese start up, needed us to design and build a prototype for it's wearable product called Tune, that would detect user's foot strike in a shoe as they exercised. With the post workout data, runners would be equipped with bespoke information about adjustments they could make in their running style to improve performance and reduce risks of injuries.

Tune when mounted on a running shoe

"As a runner, when you use your feet more efficiently, more power goes into speed and distance with fewer injuries. The design challenge included balancing the runner's desire for a convenient and easy to use product with the harsh environment experienced by a running shoe. Our final design integrated bluetooth connectivity to a demo App."

Tris Keech, Creative Director The Imagination Factory

Adidas Nemeziz boots

Adidas' Nemiziz boot

More recently we worked with Addidas' using the next generation of sensor technology inside one of it's new boots, Nemeziz. 

Addidas wanted us to give customers an interactive experience to understand more fully the capabilities of the new boot design. We designed and made a number of versions of the Nemeziz boot that were used by Addidas at UK wide launch events in-stores. Customers were able to experience through the sensors, how movement in the boot could be tracked whilst also experiencing visually, on a huge screen, how the boot would respond to movement. 

We needed to sense position, bending, twisting and stroking.

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Support from inside the boot
Support on the sole of the boot
The strcuture inside the boot

It's not hard to find these sensors nowadays but we had to come up with a way to support them inside the boot without restricting the boots ability to bend and twist. We also didn't want to add too much weight because that would have made the boot feel unrealistic.

You can read more about how we went about it here.


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