It is estimated that over 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase of a product. Reduce, reuse and recycle is certainly an important strategy for ensuring we slow down the consumption of the earth's finite resources. However, it is simply a 'less bad' solution to the traditional take, make and waste approach. 

Here at The Imagination Factory, we believe that businesses who prioritise the vital role of strategic product design, material choice and recyclability at the initial stages of development, will have the leading edge, especially as increasing regulations such as carbon taxes, product passports and other directives come into force.

A selection of projects developing thoughtfully designed products in this area:

WonderWean is a portable food processor, created following Cradle to Cradle ideals. Designed for domestic use or on the go, WonderWean is a convenient food preparation tool that quickly mashes or purées food replacing the need for single-use plastic baby food pouches. 
Using WonderWean gives the carer the ability to experiment with different types of food and textures at the same sitting and can be used at the meal table, at home or on the go providing convenience and flexibility whilst reducing food waste. The product is dishwasher-safe, highly durable and locks easily, avoiding spillages when taking meals out and about.

The VO1CE™ Pebble is a simple beautifully designed, handheld 'aide memoire’. The brainchild of Executive Coach and public speaker Josie Gammell, it acts as the physical embodiment of her proven methodology. The form and features on its body, discreetly guide a person step-by-step through her mnemonic. Rooted in the familiar form of pebbles found on a beach, it fits comfortably in the palm of the user's hand and can be discretely slipped into a pocket or rest on a surface as a prompt.

Whether preparing to deliver a presentation, conduct an important work meeting or engage with a challenging individual, it acts as a reminder of key points and emphases, helping people to speak with clarity and confidence.

A team from Kenwood and the De’Longhi Group went on a journey towards greater sustainability in product development and manufacturing, by participating in a day-long Resource Conscious Design workshop led by The Imagination Factory.

By the end of the workshop, the team had learned new methods and ways of thinking about a product's design:
  • how to set and achieve new goals in terms of repairability and durability
  • increase recycled contents
  • lower embodied carbon
  • improve energy efficiency


We provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within the worlds of industrial design and design engineering. Our teams partner with yours to demystify the front end of innovation for joined-up strategy, smoother development and faster delivery.

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