A Coach in your Pocket

The VO1CE™ Pebble is a simple beautifully designed, handheld 'aide memoir’. The brainchild of Executive Coach and public speaker Josie Gammell, it acts as the physical embodiment of her proven methodology. The form and features on its body, guide a person step-by-step through her mnemonic. Rooted in the familiar form of pebbles found on a beach, it fits comfortably in the palm of the user's hand and can be discretely slipped into a pocket or rest on a surface as a prompt.

Whether preparing to deliver a presentation, conduct an important work meeting or engage with a challenging individual, it acts as a reminder of key points and emphases, helping people to speak with clarity and confidence.

History and Symbolism

We researched the history and symbolism of amulets and lucky charms from 25,000 BC up to the present day to better understand how humans imbue objects with meaning, the symbolism of good fortune and the confidence objects can provide. We helped Josie craft a story around the humble power of a familiar pebble form. 

Design DNA

We evolved a Design DNA, with the watchword ‘Elemental’ in mind and developed five concept directions, settling on the pebble form. We researched numerous materials including marble, alabaster, glass and Corian before settling finally on porcelain.  

Clay Modelling

Further refinement came through the use of modelling clay, foam, CAD modelling and 3D-printed resin before engaging Anglo-Japanese ceramicist, Reiko Kaneko, who provided invaluable porcelain prototyping and production expertise.

working in clay designing the pebble models

“The Imagination Factory immediately grasped the concept behind my invention. Before our first meeting, they took the time to fill out the backstory for why it works and brought a multitude of ideas to the table. They elevated the design from a rudimentary prototype to something that is as beautiful as it is functional. I couldn't be happier, working with the team has been game-changing for my project.”

Josie Gammell
VO1CE™ Pebble

Our involvement

  • Storytelling
  • Research
  • Materials and production process research
  • HCD research
  • Industrial design
  • Design development
  • Identifying suppliers
  • Design for manufacture
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing liaison

Work with us

If you have a design led project you'd like our help with, please get in touch with one of us at The Imagination Factory today. 

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