Impact Creators

We are a London-based strategic design and enlightened engineering company

Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes globally to help them deliver solutions with a positive impact

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"We chose the Imagination Factory because their collective minds, from all different backgrounds and their approach to work, means that whatever challenge we give them, we know they will find a solution."

Robin Dunlop, CTM Design (VIP Aircraft)

Strategic Designers

We create, make and test ideas in our London studio, solving problems with our in-house human centred design expertise and in partnership with our network of specialists.

We are a product design studio that turns ideas into a commercial reality.  

Innovation Partners

Today‚Äôs innovation challenges require collaboration between many people with varied skill-sets.  

We have become experts at partnering with a wide range of professionals from commercial, academic and creative backgrounds. 

Creative Engineers

We are passionate about science, invention and problem solving, so our team of designers & engineers bring with them a wealth of in-house knowledge.  

This gives you the competitive edge when developing your product whether it involves technical, mechanical or material challenges.

Contact us here, to find out how we can help you solve your design challenge

What inspires us?

While you wait to hear back from us, take a look at our resource bank here for a glimpse through the factory doors, and take a look at some of the press coverage we've had and find get to know some of our team here.


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