Strategic Innovation.
Creative Execution.

Designers, Engineers & Technologists.

A useful defnition of Innovation is ‘something new and of value to someone’.

Our Innovation methodology blends a human-centred approach, with value proposition strategy, and a sustainable, circularity mindset.

We make your R&D relevant and differentiated. And, more investable.

We are trusted by Entrepreneurs, SME’s & Global Brands.

"Tasked with the challenge of designing and building a bespoke motion simulation platform, The Imagination Factory were pivotal in making this a success, throughout the process, creating something that was both functional and beautiful."

Stuart Cupit
CTO Solarflare Studio

"The psychological element of accurately measuring glucose without drawing blood can't be underestimated and the human-centred approach to the design that Mark and his team took, gave us confidence that the devices would be enjoyed by the users."

Themos Kallos
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

"We chose The Imagination Factory because their collective minds, from all different backgrounds and their approach to work, means that whatever challenge we give them, we know they will find a solution."

Robin Dunlop
CTM Design (VIP Aircraft)

Capabilities & Expertise

Insight / Industrial Design / Mechanical Engineering / Technology Integration / Mechatronics

Consumer / Industrial / Health & MedTech / Wearables / Mobility / GreenTech 

Proof of Concept / Demonstrators / Simulation & Evaluation / MVP / Design for Manufacture

Human-Centred Design / Design for Sustainability & Circularity / Value Proposition Strategy

A Strategic Partner

We work with entrepreneurs, senior executives, and with creative & technical leadership.

We partner directly with you and your team, or in parallel as trusted advisors.

Strategic Innovation.
Creative Execution.


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