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eScent / 2021

eScent, is a low burden scent-enhanced FFP3 mask for frontline workers, required to wear protection for extended periods of time.

Essential oils are released to support the well-being of users in prolonged stressful conditions.

As a certified B Corp it is in The Imagination Factory’s DNA to look for ways to design in harmony with the planet’s resources.  So, together we set out to design a product that could be re-used safely, reducing the volume of PPE going to waste.


This product is intended to be worn by both healthcare staff and infected patients to 'reduce the risk or impact of infection'. The key product is a wearable applicator component with the capability to blend aromas inside a mask, depending on personal preference. The resulting blended mist can include essential oils for anxiety relief (for example, neroli, lavender, bergamot), but could include an antiviral property, for example a natural antiviral such as fucoidan, glycyrrhiza (seaweed / liquorice), or a specified drug that might in the future combat virus'.

“eScent benefitted greatly from the expertise of The Imagination Factory's experienced engineering team to create a much-enhanced medical-grade mask, giving a safe and effective FFP3 product that can be re-used, personalised and worn with greater comfort, including controlled release of chosen evidenced-based aromas to combat stress.”.

Dr Jenny Tillotson  Founder eScent (Sensory Design & Technology Ltd)

Our involvement

  • Human-Centred Design research 
  • Prototyping
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Design
  • Concept development 
  • Ergonomics

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