Tips, advice and resources to help you bring your idea to life

If you've had an idea for a new product you're probably asking yourself, 'Where do I start? Who do I trust with it? Do I need a patent? What's it going to cost me?" 

We've put together the Entrepreneur Design Hub to help people like you find answers to your questions and move closer towards your dream of turning your idea into a viable business.

What to expect

We love ideas and we know that turning an idea into a product is one of the most exciting things you can do. But it's a tough journey so we will challenge you to be honest and brutal with yourself. 

Too many entrepreneurs have approached us with an "idea that nobody else has had". A few clicks later we have found what they have just described for sale online! Others have come to us with a patent and expect that they just need to make their product and start a business. It's never that simple...

Whilst there is no magic bullet, we will take you through the Imagination Factory process, step by step, so you can be in charge of your idea's destiny.

The Imagination Factory

If you are new to the Imagination Factory and wondering who we are and what motivates us, here's a brief intro. 

We are a London based creative engineering and product design studio, working with clients to develop solutions. The briefs we work on, range from large and complex challenges, like resolving the issue for trains of leaves on the line, through to entrepreneurs with an idea they want to make and sell.

Within our growing team, we have decades of product design, engineering and scientific expertise and we are passionate about using smart materials whenever possible in our designs, for the sake of the environment. 

The Imagination Factory team 2020

Our Vision

We set up the Imagination Factory with a vision to gather world class, smart designers and creative engineers, with the collective purpose of designing truly innovative and beautiful products. Every product is designed with each human touch point in mind, from the very start of the process, whilst remaining mindful of costs to the environment and budgets.

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