If you design consumer products and want to know how to design for recycling, please read this book.  We have worked with a consortium from across Europe, including recyclers, manufacturers, bioplastics and materials specialists to develop the content and it is free to download and share.


Shaped by a host of experts in the industry who live and breathe design for the circular economy. Reveals the secrets to 'design for and from recycling'

CASE STUDY: Designing with the end in mind

Together with FundWaste, an innovative start-up with a vision to enable businesses to generate revenue from waste - we set out to design a product using both 'Design For' and 'From Recycling' strategies.

Our design enables the production of units from PCR plastics, whilst ensuring they are still suitable for effective shredding and reuse at end of life. The complexity of the project was increased with the introduction of a camera and sensors, which had to be fully removable from the shell of the product so the entire product could be returned to the 'circular economy' at the end of life.

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