A bespoke installation designed for retail and the private sector can take the form of simply beautiful, built environments like DEN through to dynamic works of engineering art. Involving complex mechanisms, capturing the attention of onlookers. 

Some examples of bespoke installations we’ve worked on: 

Galeria Melissa. For the first ever Galeria Melissa in Europe, the iconic Brasilian brand and biggest plastic shoe retailer in the world wanted a dramatic installation for its first London store.

 Active for over three decades and with 4000 retailers globally, all eyes were on the Covent Garden store when it opened. 

Looking for a bespoke installation designed specifically for retail, with a modern and innovative twist, the mesmerising installation wafted floating shoes up and down, by hidden mechanisms, catching the attention of passers by as can be seen in this video.

Design of an interactive football boot for Adidas retail activations around the globe, was the smallest bespoke installation designed  by our team, to date. Yet the impact was big, forming part of the international product launch of the Adidas Nemesis boot.  

By integrating sensors throughout the Nemesis boot for Adidas, our design helped customers experience how the groundbreaking new boot would respond to the slightest movement of a foot. Through the hands-on interaction, every twist, bend, squeeze and rotation of the boot was visualised in 3D and in real time. See the boot in action .  

A private client, with a vision for a kinetic garden sculpture, commissioned our team to design and engineer a two metre high sculpture for his garden in the Cotswolds.  

The sculpture consists of 12 harmonic pendula, all of which were motioned by smart mechatronics integrated with a combination of physics, maths and the laws of nature.  

It was one of those rare projects that drew on a myriad of skills from across our team, including creative engineering, the understanding of physics, visual design, prototyping, electronics, software and design for manufacturing. You can see the build from scratch in this video


We provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within the worlds of industrial design and design engineering. Our teams partner with yours to demystify the front end of innovation for joined-up strategy, smoother development and faster delivery.

If you would like to talk to us about a design or engineering problem that needs solving, a solution that needs a strategy or an idea that needs turning into a reality, drop us a line.


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