A Kinetic Garden Sculpture

A private client commission for the design and engineering of a kinetic garden sculpture suitable for batch manufacture. Consisting of 12 harmonic pendula, set in motion by clever mechatronics, maths, physics and the laws of nature.

“The guys at The Imagination Factory have a rare combination of skill sets, but they are some of the nicest and least arrogant people we have worked with. They understood from day one what we were trying to achieve, set out a plan for how we could get there, and executed it.   The quality of their work was first rate, and the process was thoroughly enjoyable and indeed fascinating. ”

David Bermingham + Andrew Chisholm
Kinetik Art

The Installation

Curious to know what goes into designing and building a kinetic sculpture? Below is a time lapse of the installation of the Harmonic Pendula built one hot summers day in the Cotswolds.

We are really proud of the end result and this installation is a great example of how a project benefits from the diverse skills within our team: understanding physics, creative engineering, visual design, electronics and software, prototyping, design for manufacture and making tea...lots of tea.

Photo of Mark from The Imagination Factory on installation day

Our involvement

  • Industrial Design
  • Material selection and sourcing
  • Engineering for outdoor environment
  • Mechatronic control system
  • Prototype construction
  • Design for manufacture

Work with us

If you have a design engineering project you'd like our help with, please get in touch with one of us at The Imagination Factory today. 

We'd love to know more.


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