So, you've had an idea and are itching to do something with it. What do you do next? Please, whatever you do, do not waste a penny on a patent, don't get a prototype made and certainly don't build a website or start marketing it to your potential customers. I know this mig...
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Plugging the tech gap for swimmers

It won’t have escaped any triathlete that training in the pool lacks the immediate feedback that technology can provide when running or cycling. “Real time feedback for athletes is really helpful for a number of reasons,” said Amit Katwala, author of The Athletic Brain...
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Living up to the hype

January 15, 2018

Reality check for Smartglasses

Anyone following this year's announcements at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Las Vegas, will have noticed the event was overflowing with smartglasses. There were new products from well-known companies like Vuzix, Epson and Samsung and a whole load of new entries such as Th...
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We asked Julian Swan, one of the SwimAR creators, what's on his mind as he looks to 2018. "I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions but I do like to take some time to plan my year ahead and review my bucket list.  When it comes to sport related achievements, I know I have ...
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Adidas Nemiziz boot is sensored

September 18, 2017
Considered by some as one of the biggest innovations of 2017, the new Adidas Nemeziz boot is a superb piece of technology, with so many new and unseen ways of constructing a football boot. So what have they done that’s so different? Adidas has tapped into a common practice...
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Tough tools for a tough job

September 5, 2017
The BBC made a series a while back following three young Brits as they left their homes to pursue the world’s toughest jobs. These included Canadian Forestry, Cattle Ranching and Skyscraper Window Cleaning. There is no doubt these are a hard way to make a living but there'...
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Innovation Showcase

Innovate UK's flagship event, Innovate 2017, highlights The Imagination Factory as 'one to watch'.   Following the launch of our SwimAR project at last year's show, the response to SwimAR, from interested visitor, enabled spin off projects like this heads-up display for...
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A marketing agency that specialises in creating Virtual Reality experiences approached us recently with a challenge that we found fascinating. A project they were working on needed people to be supported in a particular position and moved around smoothly ...
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Open Design

May 16, 2017
Love them or hate them most businesses have a tag line of some description or another. When we set up The imagination Factory we did our best to avoid having one. But people kept asking what single phrase summed up what we are about. So in the end we relented and spent som...
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Richard's inspiration

Ex-soldier, Richard Browning is re-imagining manned flight in the shape of a real-life Iron Man suit that actually flies....
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