FundWaste helps businesses generate revenue by recycling plastic and paper using a “waste to wealth” methodology. 

As a certified B Corp it is in The Imagination Factory’s DNA to look for ways to design in harmony with the planet’s resources.  So, together we set out to design a product with post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, using both 'Design For' and 'From Recycling' strategies.

Revenue from waste

Using machine learning and AI, users can stream images and ‘smell' waste remotely and in real time.

The FundWaste sensor fits in or over a bin to detect contamination, before it impacts the value of contents, ie: food in with cardboard.

A camera and sensors alert users to the need for a collection, avoiding costly pickups and disrupting the current recycling and waste streams. The data enables businesses, schools and organisations to reduce costs and generating revenue from waste.



Four years ago, a consortium of 20 expert organisations, including The Imagination Factory, joined forces, to investigate how to improve the circular use of plastics in product development.

Our goal was to significantly reduce the use of virgin plastics and increase the use of recycled plastics in electronic devices.

Designing for and from recycling is a challenge to do effectively and profitably. That we have designed a product with 100% recycled plastic from the post consumer recycling stream is ground breaking.

These are the strategies implemented from the start of the development process

  • Using build principles suitable for shredding at end of life
  • Avoiding over-moulding and adhesives
  • Avoiding paint finishes
  • Maintaining wall thicknesses of 1mm and above
  • Testing the properties of the recycled PC-ABS in a moulded demonstrator


If you design consumer products and want to know how to design for recycling please download and read this ebook

- shaped by a host of experts in the industry who live and breathe design for the circular economy
- revealing the secrets to 'design for and from recycling'

Contributions from members of a consortium from across Europe, who we have worked with as part of the PolyCE project. for the last four years, including recyclers, manufacturers, bioplastics and materials specialists.

If you want to work with us on your project or have any questions about similar technology please get in touch with one of the team here.  We'd love to hear from you.


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