How I learnt to fly

At this event on October 1st, hosted by Co-Founder of The Imagination Factory, Mark Hester, it was a delight to introduce Alex Wilson: Jet Suit pilot, at Gravity Industries. Alex shared the development journey from early prototype to the electric Jet Suit (eSuit) revealed this summer. 

The Imagine Series

October 2021

The IMAGINE SERIES of open events, is organised by the team at The Imagination Factory. It's an opportunity for us to introduce some of the fascinating people we've met over the years to a wider audience. Quite simply because we think you'll enjoy hearing their story, but also we hope you will leave enlightened by an inspiring perspective or new way of facing design challenges.

EVENT: Includes behind-the-scenes footage and what they learned along the way. Hang in there for the crash landings and great questions from the audience at the end.

Time stamps:
00:40 Mark Hester - Intro to The Imagine Series + Gravity Industries
03:10 Alex Wilson - Intro 
04:45 Alex Wilson - photos and video behind the scenes - Richard Browning
08:20 First attempts by others at human flight
10:00 Arm support structures
14:40 First flight for Alex
15:15 First public crash
23:09 eSuit
36:40 Q&A

What next?

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