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A modular motorcycle that fits to an electric aircraft, providing two or three hours of additional flying time and a mode of transport to and from the airport.

Going the extra mile.

We worked closely with Nottingham University and partnered with Keech Design on a collaborative project with the Institute for Aerospace Technologyto visualise a motorbike attachment for electric planes that extends the possible distance and flight time.

RExMoto provides the potential for electric aircraft owners to fly their planes for longer, reduce emissions and fuel costs, and then use the detachable motorcycle to continue their journey after landing.

The Range Extender consists of a 50kW electrical generator that feeds power to an electric aircraft, providing an added 2-3 hours extra flight time. It uses a Fluid Transfer Unit (or ‘jet pipe’) to efficiently burn aviation fuel to generate electricity.

The engine, generator, chassis and drive structure have all been specially designed to enable an optimum aerodynamic form, with the whole unit weighing less than 125kg. Retractable wheels used to save battery whilst taxiing, ensure that RExMoto can fit conveniently beneath the aircraft’s fuselage or under a wing whilst minimising drag in flight mode.

Richard Glassock, who worked on it at Nottingham University with us, mentions it, alongside other forms of electric powered flight, at one of our recent events - watch the replay here.

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