Entrepreneur and founder of Wonder Wean, Lyndsey Packham, came to The Imagination Factory for help with fine-tuning her idea for a baby weaning tool.

Convenience is crucial for parents and carers, in this chapter of life. So she wanted it to be designed so it was durable, dishwasher friendly and portable for people with busy schedules, whilst also offering parents and carers the option to experiment with different foods in one sitting.

She’d worked out a simple and clever way to deliver this through a product that would puree solid food quickly, without excess packaging or lengthy preparations.

Portable food processor for weaning, designed with Cradle-to-Cradle ideals in mind

Wonder Wean mashes or purees solid food quickly, to fit each stage of weaning and for follow on toddler food, reducing the cost and waste from processed pre-packed pouches and pots.

It is dishwasher safe and stays closed when not in use, avoiding spillage when taking meals out and about.

Available soon in UK and USA.


  • Human-Centred Design research 
  • Concept development 
  • Ergonomic user testing
  • Prototype construction
  • Testing
  • Design for manufacture
  • Production liaison
  • C2C materials research


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