We are working with Circular Devices, a Finnish technology company that is developing an exciting new smartphone.
The phone has 3 modules - a spine, a brain and a heart so that it's life can be extended through upgradeability, repairability and recyclability.

Puzzlephone is being designed with open source hardware so that 3rd parties are encouraged to develop specific modules to expand its capabilities.

The Imagination Factory has joined a multi-disciplinary team to help Circular Devices get its first product to market. Working alongside a variety of partners we are bringing the following skills to the table:
- User research techniques
- Project planning (budget, quality, testing)
- Divergent concept generation methods
- 3D CAD and engineering
- Simulation and Analysis
- Hardware prototyping
- Design for Manufacture
Alex McKeown approached us for help with Duothirst, the world's first single nozzled sports bottle that can hold two drinks simultaneously.

Without the benefit of an established business to fund his development Alex decided to try crowdfunding.
Through our specialised Crowdfunding Support Service we reviewed his patented design and provided a roadmap of things he would need to do prior to launching his campaign.

Following the review Alex allowed us to make some changes to his design so the bottle could be mass manufactured at minimum cost without compromising the original aesthetic or intellectual property. These changes were built into a 3D CAD design which was then used to create a working model. Alex featured the model in his campaign video so that people could see that they were backing something well on the way to being a real product.

Alex was also given access to our network within the Crowdfunding community including funding platforms and campaign analysis specialists.
The organisers of the annual HepTech symposium asked us to spend a day with some of the world's most promising particle physics researchers.
They asked us to provide some innovation training for this group of highly talented individuals so
we facilitated exercises in high performance idea generation, inter-disciplinary team collaboration and problem framing.
This is training that we usually provide for business leaders, brand managers, designers and entrepreneurs so it was satisfying to discover that it was just as well received by people who spend most of their time around the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.