SwimAR - the world's first heads up display for swimmers

SwimAR is an augmented reality heads up display for swimmers that can be attached to a regular pair of goggles. It uses Sony SmartEyeglass technology to provide real-time performance data to the wearer in a display that appears to float in front of the eyes.

SwimAR is a patent pending design that we are developing in collaboration with the swimming community including Olympic medallist Leon Taylor, TeamGB triathletes and keen amateurs.

At a conservative estimate there are 3 million swimmers in the UK with 65,000 annually signing up to compete in triathlons.
With such a large market we are keen to talk to people who would be interested in becoming commercial partners on this product.

SwimAR is currently at a conceptual stage although the partnership with Sony means that the technology side is largely resolved. The Imagination Factory has the in-house skills to develop the design to a Minimum Viable Demonstrator that can be tested with users in the proper environment. Following that we can carry out design for manufacture so that a product that is ready for launch is achieved.

SwimAR is patent pending: GB1618513.4

We are seeking to engage with 3 types of people:
  • people who would be interested in buying a product like SwimAR who could help us with feedback
  • people who would be able to help with user trials when we have a Minimum Viable Demonstrator
  • commercial partners who would be interested in discussing ways to help with development and routes to market
Please contact us if you are in one or more of these categories and would like more information.