We are a London based, 

product design and creative engineering studio

Agile Network

So that we can provide you with a fantastic design service without passing on expensive overheads we have built up our Agile Development Network.

This includes experts in research, trends, patent searches/applications, Human-Centred Design training, prototyping/manufacturing, crowdfunding and much more.

The members of this network can be embedded into a project as necessary so that you get the best value for money.

Factory Fridays

We've coined a phrase in our studio - Factory Fridays. Working on our own IP each week, with the same energy and expertise we bring to client projects, has given life to ideas we've had individually and collectively over the years.

Some of these become solutions for individuals and organisations seeking the creative engineering that has emerged. And the best part is that this entrepreneurial expression in each of us, keeps the fire in our belly and provides investment opportunities and partnership initiatives for others.

We love new ideas and seeing them turn into reality is why we do what we do.

However confident you are that a product is truly innovative, it's never deemed a success until the user loves it as much as we do. That said, We can't pretend the results haven't delighted us, as we've seen our products transform lives and business operations.

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