Each team at The Imagination Factory, holds over 25 years of experience in industrial design, creative engineering, technology integration and all are fully trained as LUMA human-centred designers. Proud bearers of our B Corporation certification and designers of the Resource Conscious Design model, we provide forward-thinking strategies for planet-conscious businesses around the globe. 


A few of us were asked about what goes on behind the scenes at The Imagination Factory, for a recent project. 

Here's a snippet from those conversations, bringing to life our team's approach to design and engineering for clients.

We are invested in our commitment to innovation, and proud of our work on transformative technologies, across multiple sectors for cutting edge brands, including META MaterialsGravity IndustriesAutoglassSamsung and Vision Engineering.


We believe that designers commit the earth’s resources to their creations, the moment they put pen to paper, which means that the majority of a product’s environmental impact is decided at the concept stage. With this in mind, we endeavour to bring the insights and technical knowledge from working closely with sustainability partners and European recycling consortiums, to each project, designing 'with the end in mind'.

The short film made in 2019, features some of the team, sharing briefly, what it looks like for us, when we say we want to 'make stuff that matters'.


Working on our own IP throughout the year, with the same energy and expertise we bring to client projects, has given life to ideas we've had individually and collectively over the years. We've coined a phrase for this time in our studio - Factory Fridays.

Some of these ideas become solutions for individuals and organisations seeking the creative engineering that has emerged. And the best part is that this entrepreneurial expression in each of us, keeps the fire in our belly and provides investment opportunities and partnership initiatives for others.

We love new ideas and seeing them turn into reality is why we do what we do. Yet, however confident you are that a product is truly innovative, it's never deemed a success until the user loves it as much as we do.

That said, we can't pretend the results haven't delighted us, as we've seen our products transform lives and business operations along the way.

Take a look at same of the results of our Factory Fridays:


We provide the benefit of many years working as lead consultants and in-house experts within the worlds of industrial design and design engineering. Our teams partner with yours to demystify the front end of innovation for joined-up strategy, smoother development and faster delivery.

If you would like to talk to us about a design or engineering problem that needs solving, a solution that needs a strategy or an idea that needs turning into a reality, drop us a line.


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